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Summer '08 live music schedules

Posted on 2008.07.04 at 11:40
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Celebrate Brooklyn
7/11 Brazilian Girls; 7/12 Beth Orton; 7/19 Enter the Dragon; 8/2 Ezra Jack Keats; 8/3 Africa Fete incl Habib Koite; 8/8 Lila Downs; 8/9 Hal Willner Bill Withers Project

Central Park Summerstage
7/6 U-Roy, Afrika Bambaataa, and Seun Kuti; 7/10 The Harder They Come; 7/12 Julieta Venegas/Plastilina Mosh; 7/20 Santogold/Diplo; 7/27 Taj Mahal/Skatalites; 8/2 Roy Hargrove; 8/3 Janelle Monae/Jamie Lidell/whatevs; 8/9 Alejandro Escovedo; 8/14 Los Lonely Boys/Los Lobos; 8/15 Bajofondo Osonlade/Yoruba Soul Orchestra

River to River
7/8 Johan Johannsson; 7/11 No Age; 7/12 Slaid Cleaves; 7/16 Steel Pulse; 7/23 Punch Brothers ft. Chris Thiele; 7/24+ 7/25 Ollabelle Johnny Cash tribute; 7/26 Big River Project Music of Johnny Cash; 7/30 Beaufort; 8/5 On the Town; 8/7 Halau I Ka Weliu; 8/12 Manhattan on the Elevated Acre; 8/15 Dirty Projectors; 8/26 Imitation of Life on the Elevated Acre

R2R + Kiss FM present Summer Soul Nights
7/10 Algebra; 7/24 Montel Jordan; 7/31 Dwele

BAM Metrotech
7/17 Phoebe Snow; 7/31 Me'shell Ndegeocello

City Parks Foundation smaller parks
7/9 Brand Nubian/Brower Park; 7/10 Whodini/Von King Park; 7/15 Rhythm Revue/Queensbridge Park; 7/17 Fiery Furnaces/East River Park; 7/22 Naughty By Nature/Queensbridge Park; 7/23 Lisa Lisa & Tony Touch/Crotona Park; 7/23 Bahamadia/Brower Park; 7/24 KRS-ONE/East River Park; 7/29 Delfonics/Queensbridge Park; 7/30 Delfonics/Mahoney Playground; 8/5 Jungle Brothers/Red Hook Park; 8/6 Chi-Lites/Jackie Robinson Park; 8/7 Prince & Stevie Tribute/Marcus Garvey Park; 8/7 the Chi-Lites/Springfield Park; 8/13 Slick Rick/Jackie Robinson Park; 8/13 Barbara Mason/Mahoney Playground; 8/14 Big Daddy Kane/Marcus Garvey Park

Madison Square Music
7/9 Ollabelle; 7/23 Phoebe Snow; 8/6 Ryan Shaw

Seaside Summer Concerts at Coney Island
7/24 Smokey Robinson/New Stylistics; 8/7 Liza + Christopher Cross

MLK Series
7/14 O'Jays/Manhattans; 7/21 Mystery Night; 8/4 Erykah Badu; 8/11 Jill Scott; 8/18 Beres Hammond/Mighty Sparrow; 8/25 Patti LaBelle

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Returning to the intersection of Union Square + urban disasters

Posted on 2008.03.01 at 19:11
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Because clearly we learned NOTHING from the giant ice pop fiasco--some new internet media company decided to give out free money in Union Square yesterday.

"Make it rain!" and "Give me my money!" passersby shouted as the clock ticked down to the scheduled 2:29 p.m.* publicity stunt. And then there was a riot/beatdown/abscontion** with loot.

*at which point sparkle_shortz was firmly ensconced in a diner eating a tuna melt and talking shit with a coworker. When I returned, there was nothing left of the melee but a little bit of tomato flotsam.

**totally a word.

ETA: actually, totally not done. Since Whore Foods, DSW, and Forever 21 moved into Union Square, the asshattery that occurs there is through the roof. Every single idiot with a stupid publicity giveaway/voter registration drive/possibly-fake-charity-solicitation/sketchy salon-or-comedy-club bait-and-switch coupon scheme is CONSTANTLY bothering me. Need a free tabloid paper? I can probably get you one every single day of the week. Not to mention the skateboarders. Get the f out of my way and let me go to work. *breathes deeply*

Thanks, I needed that.

death commits bigamy


Posted on 2008.03.01 at 18:57
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Google “brooklyn writer” and you’ll get, Did you mean: the future of literature as we know it? People are coming in from all over. In fact, the physical act of moving your possessions from Manhattan to Brooklyn is now the equivalent of a two-year M.F.A. program. When you get to the other side, they hand you three Moleskine notebooks and a copy of “Blogging for Dummies.” You’re good to go.

--I Write in Brooklyn. Get Over It. by Colson Whitehead

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boring yet potentially useful

Posted on 2007.12.13 at 00:14
Text of a scam e-mail I got from a friend today:

I am sorry i didn't inform you about my travelling to Africa
for a program called Empowering Youth to Fight Racism, HIV/AIDS,
Poverty and Lack of Education, the program is taking place in four
major countries in Africa which are BURKINA FASO, GUINEA BISSAU ,
SOMALIA and NIGERIA . It has been a very sad and bad moment for me, I
am really stranded here in Nigeria because I forgot my little bag
containing my money, documents and other valuable things in a taxi on
my way to the Hotel where i presently lodged. I am facing a really
hard time here because I have no money on me. I am owning a hotel bill
of $1,200 which i need to pay ASAP and additional $1500 for feeding
and my flight ticket back home. Please i need you to help me with a
sum of $2700 to sort out my problems here.I am uncomfortable here
without daily meals.

etc. etc.

Here's a thread on Google help about this. And if you search the first line of the e-mail, you'll find lots of other occurrences.

All the ones I clicked seem to be associated with gmail accounts. Just putting it out there in case it's a security flaw in gmail rather than a series of successful phishing expeditions.

594K 3:11
“soprano uke + stutteringly cadenced vox cover of the Offspring. Enjoy!”

Transcribed by: sparkle_shortz

Voice Post: Going Away Party cover by Sparkle

Posted on 2007.09.22 at 17:08
511K 2:46
“Sparkle plays the ukulele and covers Going Away Party

she figured out the tab from the recording and i am jealous...k”

Transcribed by: koaloha

682K 3:47
“cover of when september ends

by Sparkle lead vocal and soprano ukulele

backup 8 string tenor ukulele and backup vocals by k-bear”

Transcribed by: koaloha


RIP Anna Politkovskaya, again

Posted on 2007.07.01 at 13:27
crowd noise: "Me and My Burro"/"Total Eclipse of the Heart" mashup
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I really need to read this book.

the reviewCollapse )

Here's a post from three years ago, after her attempted poisoning. If you lack context on Putin's tacky comment, please see the headline of her Guardian piece about the poisoning.

And if you're interested, here's a more opinion/commentary type post on Russia from a few days after that, from back when I used to write in this venue.

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Summer Music '07

Posted on 2007.06.29 at 23:38
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If anyone was counting on me for this post, apologies for letting you down and stuff. As you may know summer (free) music in NYC is one of my favorite things about living here. This is my catchall post of all the concert series I personally know about.

starting with Celebrate Brooklyn...Collapse )

ETA: It is embarrassing to admit I am more excited about Air Supply than Drive-By Truckers. But not by much. And I think 7/10 is all about the Rhythm Revue guy DJ'ing in Red Hook. Who's with me?

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Ron Rosenbaum on Tom Junod on Angelina Jolie

Posted on 2007.06.23 at 02:05
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The Worst Celebrity Profile Ever Written?

A meretriciousness that reaches a peak in the final column of the story, when we finally get the Angelina Jolie-as-victim theory that at last ties together Angelina, 9/11, the suffering of the wretched of the earth, and the analogous suffering of celebrities. It is a rule of the Celebrity Profile that celebrities Suffer for their Fame because they're always whining on about how difficult it is to go to the supermarket without being recognized and other tragic inconveniences.

Or as our profiler puts it in Esquire: "She fulfills her vision of herself as the underdog; because she's the underdog she connects to the world's genuine underdogs … and so, in the end, finds meaning and a measure of happiness. It is the kind of conversion encouraged by all of the world's major religions, but because celebrity is the religion in question here, the conversion of Angelina Jolie is regarded as out of reach—the function of fame and privilege."

LOL! I am not going to spend more time than this reading Junod's piece, but it sounds like his vapidity met a vapidity greater than itself and knew not what to do.

Also, for posterity, The Washington Post's account of JT LeRoy's trialCollapse )

the point

Tommy Mottola lives on the road

Posted on 2007.06.16 at 00:34
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If you have a passing interest in what made the 1970s great, and especially if you are into freaky disco/deep house*, or your name is afrofuturist, you have to read this:

Savannah Band Is Waiting for You, American by Kevin McMahon

1976 was the first year in history there were no cases of smallpox recorded anywhere in the world; the disease was apparently eradicated, and experts announced “The end of contagious diseases.” It was the Bicentennial. It was the year Mao died and the Gang of Four fell. That March my mother and I went to New York City for my cousin’s ordination at St. Patrick’s, where, during my next visit, a decade later, ACT-UP would stage a “Stop the Church” protest. I was a teenager gaga over art and I spent every moment I could in museums, staring at Barnett Newmans and scribbling unintelligible memoranda in a notebook. On the radio were Wild Cherry’s “Play That Funky Music, White Boy,” Abba’s “Dancing Queen” and Leo Sayer’s “You Make Me Feel Like Dancing.” It was also the year of David Bowie’s Station to Station, Patti Smith’s Radio Ethiopia, Jonathan Richman’s “Roadrunner,” and Philip Glass’s Einstein on the Beach. That year also saw the release of the first albums of Blondie, The Ramones and one other Manhattanite act, Dr. Buzzard’s Original Savannah Band.

Many, many thanks to ladyjax for that post and link.

For me, falling in love with this band is all about being seventeen and going to visit friends at U of I and staying out dancing til 6, sleeping til 2 and then going to IHOP. Likewise the non-Gil Scott-Heron version of "In the Bottle" (C.O.D.?), "Touch and Go" by Loleatta Holloway, and "There But for the Grace of God Go I" by Machine (psst, ladyjax, they've got it here), which I have on mixtapes but never knew the artist nor until now the connection to Dr. Buzzard. They have in common brilliant, sometimes scathing lyrics--throwing a phrase like Ballots and boxes, bullets and guns unannounced and glancingly into the middle of a love song (Dr. Buzzard's "Hard Times") or "There But for the Grace"'s Let's find a place they say somewhere far away with no blacks no Jews and no gays. Those lines blew my teenage mind.

Anyway, Kevin McMahon says it better so read it.

Edit: Also priceless, McMahon's collection of inappropriate Nabokov covers. I just e-mailed him to say I enjoyed the piece, how long should I wait before informing him we're getting gay-married?

*"Cherchez La Femme" still gets club play in Chicago. I don't know that that's true anywhere else except within certain connoisseurs' scenes. Tell me and I'll be there.

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LeAnn Rimes does '40s style women in prison--very CHICAGO-inspired

Posted on 2007.06.05 at 23:17
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This video causes K to act like a dirty old man and say things like, "If it only had Ashley Judd and rain, it would be perfect."

Me, I just question the possibility of the perfect Marcel wave behind bars.

don't let your mouth, grrr

Shirley Q. Liquor profile in Rolling Stone

Posted on 2007.05.26 at 20:28
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Well, this should bring some attention to this a$$#@$%... and debunk the complacent attitude that he doesn't matter because of how obscure he is. LJ-cut for those who might find an account of blackface minstrelsy unnecessarily triggering, and pls note emphases added.

It's apparently an excerpt from a longer piece.

Shirley Q. Liquor, After Imus: A Black Face Comic Who Sings "12 Days of Kwanzaa"

DAVID HOLTHOUSE Posted May 16, 2007 1:45 PM Source:

Backstage at a gay bar in downtown Montgomery, Alabama, on the same block as the fountain square where slaves were sold, sits America's most appalling comedian. Read more...Collapse )

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This one goes out to those of you in Madison presently...

Posted on 2007.05.26 at 18:02
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especially ladyjax.

Unfortunately in Madison, in the practice of “activism,” of helping the “helpless,” the progressives silence the voices from the Progressive Movement’s heart and soul. It silences those who have a right and an obligation to stand witness. This state of affairs in Madison is normal. It allows for the illusion of bright and shininess, of safety and security, at least for the predominantly white students attending the UW Madison and the residents (90%-plus white) and the tourists (also predominantly white). This state of affairs provides a haven for businesses and mega-defense corporate folks. Madison stays on the list of the most progressive towns. All nice and all white - and the progressives never complain about this state of “normalcy” in Madison.

More over at the Black Commentator.

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attn chitinous

Posted on 2007.05.13 at 23:26
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Courtesy of foundphotos

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LOLlersk8boarding is not a crimez

Posted on 2007.05.12 at 13:20
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I Can Has Cheezburger, there is a new sheriff in town. Or perhaps it's more like The Cop from the Village People.

I speak, of course, of LOLGay.
oh haiCollapse )

Although if you missed it the 4/20 Gawker post LOLgays winning in yur internets is pretty fucking priceless.

From the comments: Also, can your first official LOLgay please be Bloomberg? "I'm in yer citty, talkin like ur grandma."--Pangloss

OK OK so LOLGay is still a bit low on good content. Send them some. I have a particular Chicago Pride pic that's itching for a scanner right about now...

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not waving but drowning (ok, both)

Posted on 2007.03.31 at 16:56
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I finally cut my friendslist, as I warned previously. I hope no one's feelings were hurt by this--if you wanted to stay and expressed that to me, by and large you did. I just don't have the energy resources for much at all in the way of livejournal lately, and this isn't a rejection of anyone personally. I have valued reading everyone's journals and I'm letting people go because I'm too busy to keep up with everyone. As evidenced by the fact that I am still not reading my friendslist, though I hope to return to it soon.

Comments are again screened if you have something to say to me you'd rather say privately.

(PS thanks to everyone who thinks I don't know about the Default View filter, your confidence in me means a lot.)

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attn smallstages

Posted on 2007.03.10 at 20:48
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On February 20th, 2007, country music giant Charlie Louvin will release (sic) his first new studio album in over ten years on the New York-based Tompkins Square label.

The self-titled disc, produced by Mark Nevers (Lambchop, Calexico, Candi Staton) and Charlie Louvin, was recorded in Spring/Summer 2006 in Nashville. It features guest performances by Elvis Costello, Jeff Tweedy, Will Oldham, Tom T. Hall, George Jones, Bobby Bare Sr., Tift Merritt, Marty Stuart, David Kilgour, and members of Bright Eyes, Lambchop, Superchunk, Blanche and Clem Snide, among others.Read more...Collapse )In support of his new album, Charlie Louvin and his band will tour the US extensively in 2007, including special summer appearances celebrating the artist's 80th birthday (July 7, 2007).


1. Must You Throw Dirt In My Face (w. George Jones)
2. Great Atomic Power (w. Jeff Tweedy)
3. Blues Stay Away From Me (w. Bobby Bare Sr. & Tom T. Hall)
4. The Christian Life (w. Eef Barzalay of Clem Snide)
5. When I Stop Dreaming (w. Elvis Costello)
6. Waiting For A Train (w. George Jones)
7. Kneeling Drunkard's Plea (w. Alex McManus of Bright Eyes)
8. Worried Man Blues (w. Kurt Wagner of Lambchop)
9. Grave On The Green Hillside (w. Tift Merritt & Joy Lynn White)
10. Knoxville Girl (w. Will Oldham)
11. Ira
12. My Long Journey Home (w. Paul Burch)

I'm listening to the record right now. I miss Ira on "Knoxville Girl," but otherwise the songs work without the tight harmonies I love those Loudermilk boys for.

Also, some time ago dhmcginnis posted that country music was hillbilly emo. I think "When I Stop Dreaming" is perhaps the all-time greatest example of that.


Revisionist History

Posted on 2007.03.10 at 16:54
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Revisionist History video number one: George Washington (thanks lydiabrunch!)

(NSFW if your workplace objects to the word "dick" or its cartoonlike representation)

Revisionist History video number two: Help the Police by NWA and friend (thanks gordonzola, including for the description!)

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Paging the Lion's Gate art department for a reality check--

Posted on 2007.03.08 at 11:42
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Poll #942528 And it's even called "Pride"

What do you think of when you look at this movie poster?

an inspirational film about a visionary teacher and an inner city high school swim team
Why is Bernie Mac wearing a Mr. Rogers sweater in a gay bathhouse?

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